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PhD  the Institute of Slavic studies of Russian Academy of Sciences.  History  2010

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2006presentCenter for Ukrainian and Belorussian Studies, Faculty of History, Moscow Lomonosov State University.Academic secretary

2012. Some new approaches in the historiography on Jewish-Christian relations

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F. Sozzinni about Judaism and “Judaizare”. Polish radical thought in the 2d half of the XVI Century (in Russian) // Insiders or Aliens. Jews seen by Slavs, Slavs seen by Jews. / Ed. by O.V. Belova. M.: Dom evrejskoj knigi, 2003. P. 105-131.

Messia in the Turkish turban (in Russian) // Motherland. 2007. №8. P. 66-69.

“Messia pravdivyj” of J. Galatovski (in Russian) // Slavic studies (Slavianovedenie. 2008. № 4. P. 37-45.

«Messia pravdivyj” and its Jewish sources (in Russian) // Lekhaim. 2010. №4. P. 31-34.

Non-Jewish sources of the Hebrew Chronicles during B. Chmelnicki’s revolt (in Russian) // Between Moscow, Warsaw and Kiev. M., 2008. P. 114-124.

The Problem of Tolerance Towards Jews in Ukrainian-Byelorussian Orthodox Press Writing Before the 1648 Uprising of Bohdan Khmelnitsky // Pinkas. Annual of the Culture and History of East European Jewry. Vilnius, 2006. Vol. 1. P. 20-40.