Bohdan Shumylovych
Project PositionParticipant
Current PositionLecturer
Birth Date0000-00-00
User GroupParticipants
MA  Central European University   Central European History   2004-2005

Professional Experiense:
start dateend dateinstitutionposition
20022007Lviv National UniversityLecturer
2008until nowCenter for Urban History of East-Central Europe • Exhibition and multimedia manager, lecturer


Personal Courses:
Introduction to cultural studies, Sociology of Art

The course which is developing within the ReSET project - “Unofficial culture in Lviv in 1980-s”


Research Interests and Projects:
Urban cultural studies, paper money (history and semiotics), history of art in Ukraine, visual culture and Late Modernism, media art

Conferences Attended / Presentations Held during 2011-2012 academic year:

“Why Prometheus Suffers”, Lviv, August 2011, Week for Contemporary Art

“Selling Air”, what constitutes creative economy at the city, Ivano Frankivsk International economic forum, 2011


Selected Publication:
      'Kulturni industriji v suchasnomu misti' (Cultural Industries in Contemporary City) Sociologiia Mista' (Urban Sociology), Donetsk: Knowledge, 2010.  
     «Lviv 2000-s: Quo vadis Lemberg artibus?» Lviv: art map of Ukraine. Painting. Graphics. Sculpture, 1900-2008. – Kyiv: Yuvelir Press, 2008. – P. 33-36
    Visual irony and’ ukr-such-mystectvo’  IRONY: Collected Essays / Compiled by Olena Haleta, Yevhen Hulevych, Zoriana Rybchynska (Centre for the Humanities, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv). – Lviv: Litopys Publishers; Kyiv: Smoloskyp Publishers, 2006. – 238 p.  
    Do We Really Need Methodology from the West in Ukrainian Art Education?  Contemporary Change in Ukraine. Baltic and East European Studies, Vol.5. – Sodertorns Hogskola, 2006
    "Artistic culture in the territory of the Ukraine in 1-5 AD. Typology and chronology," (in Ukrainian), Folk-Study Papers, Vol. 1, 2000.
    "The iconography of the Mother of God," (in Ukrainian), Figurative Art, Vol. 2, Kyjiv, 1996.