Alexandr Osipian
Project PositionParticipant
Current PositionAssociate Professor (Docent)
Birth Date0000-00-00
User GroupParticipants
Candidate of Sciences  Donetsk State University  History  1995-1999

Professional Experiense:
start dateend dateinstitutionposition
2001until nowKramatorsk Institute of Economics and Humanities, Department of History and Cultural StudiesAssociate Professor of History
2004until nowKramatorsk Institute of Economics and Humanities, Department of History and Cultural StudiesSecretary of the University Senate


Personal Courses:
  • History of Ukraine (1994-present)
  • Source Studies (1994-present)
  • Urban Studies: Cities in Medieval and Early Modern Ukraine (1999-present)
  • History of Historical Writing in Ukraine (1999-present)
  • Uses and Misuses of History and Memory in Modern Politics: The Ukrainian Case in European Perspective (2005-present)

Research Interests and Projects:
Historical imagination and past construction, history of book and reading, cross-cultural interaction, uses of the past, politics of memory

Conferences Attended / Presentations Held during 2011-2012 academic year

  1. International Conference Armenier in Wirtschaft, Kultur und Politik des östlichen Europa (1000-1900). Das Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentrum Geschichte und Kultur Ostmitteleuropas at Leipzig University, Germany. November 24-25, 2011. Paper: “Trans-Cultural Trade in the Late Medieval Eastern Europe: the Strategies of Integration of the Armenian Merchants from the Crimea.”
  2. International Conference Silk Road Civilization. Noravank Foundation, Yerevan, Armenia. November 21-23, 2011. Paper: “Silk Road Trade and Foundation of Armenian Colonies in Eastern Europe, 1240-1400.”

Selected Publication:

The Lasting Echo of the Battle of Grunwald: the Uses of the Past in the Trials between the Armenian Community of Lemberg and the Catholic Patricians in 1578-1631, Russian History 38, no.2 (2011): 243-80

Representation of the City’s Past in Ioannes Alembek’s “Topographia civitatis Leopolitanae” (1603-5): Cognitive Frame and Narrative Strategies, Ukrainskii istorychnyi zhurnal [Ukrainian Historical Journal] 4 (2010): 192-222 (in Ukrainian)

An Antiquarian Approach in the Renaissance Historical Writing and its Ancient Origins, EYDOS: The Yearbook of Theory and History of Historical Writing 5 (2010) (in Ukrainian)

Allusions to the Ancient Rome in the Description of Lemberg/Lviv in Ioannes Alembek’s “Topographia civitatis Leopolitanae” (1603-1605), Studia Slavica et Balcanica Petropolitana 7 (2010): 195-212 (in Russian)

German Humanist Ioannes Alembek from Lemberg and his ‘Topographia civitatis Leopolitanae’ (1603-1605), in Berichte und Forschungen. Jahrbuch des Bundesinstituts für Kultur und Geschichte der Deutschen im östlichen Europa, Bd. 17 (2009): 39-59 (in English)