Tetiana  Grygorieva
Project PositionParticipant
Current PositionSenior lecturer
Birth Date0000-00-00
User GroupParticipants
MA  Central European University  Central European History   2001-2002
Candidate of Science   National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy  History  2010

Professional Experiense:
start dateend dateinstitutionposition
2003 2007 National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, History Department Assistant Professor


Personal Courses:
History of Ukraine, history of Habsburg monarchy, history of diplomacy 

Research Interests and Projects:
Diplomatic procedure;  court ritual and ceremony; information, communication and propaganda in Early-Modern Europe.

Selected Publication:

“The Diplomacy of the Polish-Lithuianian Commonwealth on the Eve and During the Polish-Ottoman War of 1672-1676.” Naukovi Zapysky NaUKMA. Kyiv, 2010. – P. 42-47. (In Ukrainian)


Symbols and Perceptions of Diplomatic Ceremony: Ambassadors of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in Istanbul // Kommunikation durch symbolische Akte. Religiöse Heterogenität und politische Herrschaft in Polen-Litauen. [ Hg. v. Yvonne Kleinmann]. – Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2010. – S. 115-131.


”Grand Embassy of Mikolaj Bieganowski to Istanbul in 1654: whether a peace treaty existed in 1654 between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire – ”pro” and ”contra” // Zapysky Naukovogo Tovarystva im. Shevchenka. – 2008. – Т. ССLVI. – P. 101-113. (In Ukrainian).


“Diplomatic Gifts as One of the Key Aspects of Ceremonial Reception of Polish-Lithuanian Ambassadors in Istanbul”. Published Reports at the international conference Representation of Power in Ambassadorial Ceremonial and Diplomatic Dialog in the 15th –first third of the 18th Centuries. Moscow, 2006.) (In Russian)


„Negotiations between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire in the 17th century: Diplomatic Practice and Rhetoric.” // Visnyk of Lviv University. Series Historical. Volume 39-40. L’viv, 2005. (In Ukrainian).

“Qualities and Functions of a Diplomat in the Early-Modern Period: in Theoretical Writings and in Practical Instructions to the Ambassadors from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to the Ottoman Empire.” // Socium. Volume 4. Kyiv, 2004.) (In Ukrainian)


“The Peculiarities of Diplomatic Ritual of the Great Embassies from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to the Ottoman Empire in the 17th Century.” // Ukraine in Central-Eastern Europe. Volume 3. Kyiv, 2003. (In Ukrainian)