Andrei Cusco
Project Positionparticipant
Current PositionTeaching assistant
Birth Date1982-10-17
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PhD candidate  CEU  History  

Professional Experiense:
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Sept 2005Dec 2005CEUTeaching Assistant

(Re)Inscribing Bessarabia into the "Russian Space"

Personal Courses:
Modern Historiography

Research Interests and Projects:
1.Theories of nationalism and empire
2.The “nationality policies” of the Russian Empire in the Western Borderlands during the second half of the 19th century
3.Russian and Romanian images of Bessarabia and its population before World War I
4.Russian and Romanian “conceptualizations of space” during the XIX and early XX centuries

Selected Publication:
  • (with Igor Sarov) “Identitatea naţională a basarabenilor în istoriografia rusă: între trecut şi prezent” [The national identity of the Bessarabians reflected in Russian historiography: between past and present], in: Moldova Between East and West: National Identity and European Orientation. Materials of the scientific conference, Chisinau, 2001, pp. 219-226
  • (with Igor Sarov) “Identitatea naţională a basarabenilor în istoriografia rusă din secolul XIX” [The national identity of the Bessarabians interpreted by the XIX-century Russian historiography], in: Basarabia. Dilemele identităţii [Bessarabia. The Dilemmas of Identity].Ed. by Flavius Solomon and Alexandru Zub. Iasi: “A. D. Xenopol” Academic Foundation”, 2001, pp. 21-35
  • (with Igor Sarov) „Mitul „misiunii divine a Rusiei de eliberare şi civilizare a popoarelor” şi impactul lui asupra istoriografiei ruse din secolul al XIX-lea” [The myth of “Russia’s holy mission to liberate and civilize oppressed peoples” and its impact on the XIX-century Russian historiography], in: Republica Moldova şi România: Un deceniu de relaţii complexe [Republic of Moldova and Romania: A decade of complex relations]. Chisinau, 2002, pp. 42-46
  • “The Attitude of the Local Romanian Population of Bessarabia towards the Russian Authorities and the Problem of “Reactive Identity,” in: The Annals of the University “Dunarea de Jos” of Galati- History, issue 19, Vol. I, 2002, pp. 69-85 
  • “Some Considerations on the Ethnic and Cultural Identity of the Bessarabian Romanians Reflected in the Russian Historiography”, in: XENOPOLIANA. Journal of “A. D. Xenopol” Academic Foundation- Iasi, Nr. 10 (1-4), 2002, pp. 88-105
  • „Basarabia văzută de celălalt sau eterna dilemă a identităţii” [Bessarabia under the gaze of the “Other”, or the eternal dilemma of identity], in: CONTRAFORT. Journal of Young Writers from the Republic of Moldova, Nr. 9-10, 2002, p. 21
  • (with Victor Taki). “Kto my?” Istoriograficheskii vybor: Rumynskaia natsiia ili moldavskaia gosudarstvennost’” [“Who Are We”? A Historiographic Choice between the Romanian Nation and Moldavian Statehood], in: AB IMPERIO. Theory and History of Nationalism and Empire in the Post-Soviet Space, Nr. 1, 2003, pp. 485-495
  • “Some Considerations on the Ethnic Identity of the Bessarabian Romanians Reflected in XIX-century Russian Historiography, in: In Memoriam Professoris Mihail Muntean. Chisinau: Cartdidact & USM, 2003, p. 232-252
  • “Between Revolutionary Utopia and State Pragmatism: The Moldavian ASSR as a Controversial “Soviet Piedmont,” in: The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics, Vol. 4, Nr. 1, (May 2004), pp. 7-27
  • [Review Essay]. Terry Martin. “The Affirmative Action Empire: Nations and Nationalism in the Soviet Union (1923-1939).” Ithaca & London: Cornell University Press, 2001, 496 pp.; Elena Negru. “Politica etnoculturala in RASS Moldoveneasca (1924-1940).” [Ethno-cultural Policy in the Moldavian ASSR (1924-1940)]. Chisinau: Prut International, 2003, 204 pp. In: PONTES. Review of South East European Studies, Nr. I, 2004, pp. 177-183  
  • “Hayden White and His Critics: History vs. Literature and the Problem of Narrative,” in: Annals of the National Association of Young Historians of Moldova. Historical Yearbook, volume 5, Chisinau, PONTOS, 2004, pp. 165-169
  • “History in a Postmodern Era: Problems and Challenges,” in: Studia Universitatis “Petru Maior.”[Targu Mures]. Series HISTORIA. Volume 5.  Targu Mures, 2005, pp. 215-228