Olga Chepurnaia
Project Positionparticipant
Current PositionAssociate professor
Birth Date0000-00-00
User GroupParticipants
Candidate of Science  European University at St. Petersburg  Cultural Studies  1999 – 2002

Professional Experiense:
start dateend dateinstitutionposition
St.Petersburg State Universitydocent


Personal Courses:
Sport and society, Sociology of mass culture, Urban studies, History of sociology

Research Interests and Projects:
Sport, Gender, Public Policy

Selected Publication:
  • (in Russian) Educational policy toward children of immigrants in France // Immigrants in school. Collection of articles. St. Petersburg, 2011 (in print)
  • (in Russian) Autonomous women: life strategy and its emotional outlay // New lifestyle in contemporary Russia: gender studies of everyday live. Collection of articles. Ed. E.Zdravomyslova, A.Rotkirh, A.Temkina. (Works of department of political science and sociology vol. 17). St. Petersburg, 2009
  • (in English) Sport and Lifestyle, Kultura 3 (October) 2007: 3-9 
  • (in English) Men’s Drinks, Women’s Drinks: The Gendered Culture of Alcohol Consumption, co-author L. Shpakovskaya, Kultura 7-8 (July - August) 2007: 7-9
  • (in Russian) Instrumentalization of death. Lessons of alcohol abuse treatment , co-author A. Etkind, Otechestvennye zapiski, 2 (29) 2006