Maciej Janowski
Project PositionCore Faculty
Current PositionRecurrent Visiting Professor, CEU
Birth Date1963-04-04
User GroupResource Faculty
Habilitation   Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences  History  1999

Professional Experiense:
start dateend dateinstitutionposition
1999until nowCEURecurrent Visiting Professor
2006until nowInstitute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences Associate professor
2005until now“East Central Europe. L’Europe d’Centre’Est. Eine Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift” (Budapest)Editor
2003until now“Kwartalnik Historyczny” (Warsaw)deputy editor

Humanity in the Microscale, or Region within Region: Galicia in the Habsburg Monarchy
2011. Political, Intellectual and Cultural Histories. Legacies and Perspectives
2011. How to Write a History of Carpathian Mountains?
Summer 2012. How to Approach the Legitimization of Power?
Summer 2012. Architecture of Monarchs, Nations and Empires

Personal Courses:

Research Interests and Projects:
Collaborator of the project "Representations of the Past: the Writing of National Histories in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Europe (NHIST, 2003-08)", coordinated by Prof. Chris Lorenz and Prof. Stefan Berger. (Team 2)

Selected Publication:


Polish Liberal Thought before 1918, CEU Press, Budapest-New York 2004 , XII + 282 pp.

Inteligencja wobec wyzwan nowoczesnosci. Dylematy ideowe polskiej demokracji liberalnej w Galicji w latach 1889-1914, Warsaw 1996


Narodziny inteligencji [The birth of the Intelligentsia] 1750-1830, Warsaw 2008 (first volume of 3 – volumes history of Polish intelligentsia, ed. Jerzy Jedlicki.)

“Warsaw and its Intelligentia: Urban Space and Social Change, 1750-1831,” Acta Poloniae Historica, vol. 100 (2009)

“Mirrors for the nation: Imagining the national past among the Poles and Czechs in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries”, in: The Contested Nation. Ethnicity, Class Religion and Gender in National Histories, ed. S. Berger, C. Lorenz, Basingstoke 2008, Palgrave – Macmillan, p. 442-462. 

Wavering Friendship: liberal and national ideas in nineteenth century East-Central Europe "Ab Imperio", No 3-4/2000, p. 69-90.

Eőtvős és  Heybowicz (Egy összehasonlitás vázlata) , "Aetas", No 4/2000, p. 134-141. (Both above texts appeared in early 2001, although they are dated 2000)

O historię polskiego liberalizmu w XIX wieku ( w odpowiedzi na artykuЕ‚ N. BoЕ„czy-Tomaszewskiego) [On the History of the Polish Liberalism in the 19 th Century (answer to N. Bończa-Tomaszewski's article] - "Kwartalnik Historyczny", nr 2/2002, s. 101-118.

Three Historians, "CEU History Department Yearbook 2001-2002", s. 199-232. (also in Hungarian in the monthly "2000", February/2004, as "Három történész Közep-Európából")

Czas Wielkiego Przełomu? O przydatnosci pojęcia modernizacji do badań nad dziejami XIX w [Time of the Great Breakthrough? On the Usefulness of the Concept of Modernisation for the History of the 19 th Century], in: "Pamiętnik 16 Powszechnego Zjazdu HistorykГіw Polskich WrocЕ‚aw 1999" [Proceedings of the 16 th General Congress of Polish Historians], Toruń 2000. (in fact, appeared only in 2002)

W przededniu nowego nacjonalizmu, [On the Eve of the New Nationalism] "Przegląd Polityczny" No 56, 2002, p. 95-103.

Лемберґ 1916 – Львів 2002. Роздуми над старим путівником[ Lemberg 1916- Lviv 2002. Reflections on an old Guidebook] "Krytyka" (Kiev), No 7-8/2002. The same in Polish: Rozmyślania nad starym przewodnikiem, "Znak" 2003, No 1 p. 86-92; No 2, p. 133-142