Andriy Zayarnyuk
Project PositionInvited Faculty
Current PositionAssistant Professor , University of Winnipeg
Birth Date1975-05-26
User GroupResource Faculty
Ph.D  University of Alberta  History  2003

Professional Experiense:
start dateend dateinstitutionposition
20042005University of Alberta, EdmontonVisiting Professor in History and Cultural Studies
20072008Lecturer in Ukrainian StudiesMonash University, Melbourne
2008until nowUniversity of WinnipegAssistant Professor in Russian and East European H

Culture, Difference and History
2008 Local history as a subfield of human enquiry
2011. Cultural History and Post-Modernism (roundtable)
2011. Shifting Fields of the Historical Inquiry. From Social to Cultural and Back
2011. Belles-lettres in History and History in Belles-lettres
2011. Architecture, Politics and Society: Building the Main Railway Terminal in Lviv, 1904
Summer 2012. Religion, Culture and Power: The Case of “Heavenly Letters”
Summer 2012. Mapping the “Social,” Shaping the “Self”: Social Science, Politics and Identity
Summer 2012. Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony in the City? How Railway Workers Shaped Urban Space
Summer 2012. Can “Hegemony” Work in Eastern Europe?

Personal Courses:

Research Interests and Projects:
Social and Cultural History of modern Eastern Europe;
Post-Soviet Cultural Formations;

Selected Publication:


  • Framing the Ukrainian Peasantry in Habsburg Galicia, 1846-1914. Accepted for publication by the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, Toronto; scheduled for publication in 2010.
  • Idiomy emansypatsiï:"vyzvol’ni" proekty i  halyts’ke selo seredyny XIX st. [Idioms of Emancipation: Projects of Liberation and Galician Village in the Mid-Nineteenth Century]. Kyiv: Krytyka, 2007.

Edited Volumes

Ed., with John-Paul Himka. Letters from Heaven: Popular Religion in Russia and Ukraine. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006


  • “Kil’ka tez pro problematycnist’ “selianstva” iak katehoriп sotsial’noho ta istorychnoho analizu” (Theses on Problematic Nature of “Peasantry” as a Category of Social and Historical Analysis, in Ukrainian), Ukraina: Kul’turna spadshchyna, natsional’na svidomist’, derzhavnist’.Iuvileinyi zbirnyk na poshanu Iaroslava Isaievycha, 2008.


  • “Z Rosii z pravdoiu: podorozh do Ameryky v postradians’kii uiavi,” (From Russia with Truth: Travel to America in Post-Soviet Imagination, in Ukrainian), Istorychni ta kul’turolohichni studiп, forthcoming, (L’viv, 2006), Vyp.5.


  • Together withJohn-Paul Himka,“Introduction,”in John-PaulHimka and AndriyZayarnyuk (eds.), Letters from Heaven: Popular Religion in Russia and Ukraine, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007.


  • “Letters from Heaven: An Encounter between the ‘National Movement’ and ‘Popular Culture’,”in John-PaulHimka and AndriyZayarnyuk (eds.), Letters from Heaven: Popular Religion in Russia and Ukraine, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007
  • “Povsiakdenna radianskist’ postradians’koho siohodennia,” (Everyday Sovietness of Post-Soviet Contemporaneity) Krytyka, No.3 (101), 2006.


  • “L’viv ьber alles, an Eden for Intellectuals,” in Susan Ingram, Markus Reisenleitner, Cornelia Szabу-Knotik (eds.), Floodgates ­ Technologies, Cultural (Ex)change and the Persistence of Place, (Frankfurt/M: Peter Lang, 2006), 149-184.


  • “Introduction,” in Andriy Zayarnyuk (ed.), Varieties of Ukrainian Identities,special issue of Canadian-American Slavic Studies, V.40, No.1,Spring 2006,1-4.


  • “Obtaining History: The Case of Ukrainians in Habsburg Galicia, 1848-1900,” Austrian History Yearbook, v.35, 2005, 125-151.


  • “Pro te iak sotsial’na istoriia stala kul’turnoiu” (On How Social History Was Cultured), Ukraпna Moderna, issue 9, 2005, 249-272.


  • “The Dobrivliany Affair of 1886: A Nodal Approach to Consciousness Formation,” SpacesofIdentity, v.4, No.3, December 2004, 21-39,


  • Vykonavtsi etnichnoп chystky poliakiv na Volyni iak intelektual’na problema” (Perpetrators of the Ethnic Cleansing of Poles in the Volhynia as Intellectual Problem), Volyn’ i Kholmshchyna 1938-1947. Pol’s’ko-ukraпns’ke protystoiannia i ioho vidlunnia. Doslidzennia, dokumenty, spohady. <