Alexei Miller
Project PositionInvited Faculty
Current PositionLeading Research Fellow, Institute for Scientific Information, Russian Academy of Sciences
Birth Date1959-09-04
User GroupResource Faculty
Specialist  Moscow State University, Department of History  History  1976-1981
Candidate of Science   Institute for Slavic and Balkan Studies  History  1981-1984
Habilitation (Doctor of Science)  Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow  History  2000

Professional Experiense:
start dateend dateinstitutionposition
till nowInstitute for Scientific Information in Humanities of Russian Academy of SciencesLeading research-fellow
till nowCentral European University (Budapest), Department of Historyrecurrent visiting associate professor
19901991, 1995Moscow State UniversityLecturer
1993Russian State Humanitarian UniversityLecturer

Regional, National and Imperial Paradigms: Mutual Challenges
Dualism of identities in Ukraine
Projects for nation-building in contemporary Russia
Jews under Russian and Austrian Empires
2008 Historical Policy in Poland, Russia and Ukraine
Summer 2012. Mass symbols of political rituals in contemporary Eastern Europe
Summer 2012. Begriffsgeschichte of the Russian Empire
Summer 2012. Royal Representation as Invented Tradition in Empire-Nations

Personal Courses:

Research Interests and Projects:
Fields of Scientific Interest:
- as historian - empires and nationalism in Eastern and East-Central Europe in the long 19 century.
- as political scientist - national and ethnic identifications in the post-communist Eastern Europe.
Research Experience:
Director of the project "Nationalism and Nation-Formation. Theories, Models, Concepts" in ISB RAS. (grant of Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research. 1993-1994)
Director of the project "Russia and Ukraine in their historical encounter" in ISB RAS (grant of OSI-Moscow. 1995-1997)
Academic director of the international project "History of Empires. Comparative methods in teaching and research" 2001-2004, CEU, OSI-Moscow (includes conference in 2003, publication of 2 volumes of articles (published in 2004), of anthology “The Russian Empire in Foreign Historiagraphy” (forthcoming in Spring 2005), series of books “The Borderlands of the Russian Empire” (4 volumes on the Western Borderlands, Siberia and Far East, Caucasus, Turkestan – forthcoming in 2005).
Fellowships and Awards:
1989-1990 - scholarship in the Institute of History of Polish Academy of Sciences.
1993 - grant of Soros Foundation for the project "Polish-Ukrainian Relations in Galicia in the Second Half of the XIX century"
1993-1994 - grant of Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research for the project "Nationalism and Nation-Formation".
1994-1995 - grant of MacArtur Foundation for the project "The Formation of the Image of Russia in Ukrainian Press and of Ukraine in Russian Press after the Dissolution of the USSR".
1995-1997 - grant of OSI-Moscow for the project "Russia and Ukraine in their historical encounter"
1998-1999 - Humboldt-Stiftung Research Fellow
2000-2001 – grant of MacArtur Foundation for the project "The Dichotomy 'Russkij-Rossijskij' in Contemporary Political Discourse in Russia"
2001 – senior fellow in the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna
2002-2003 – senior fellow in Collegium-Budapest
2004 - Visiting professor in the Center for Border Studies of the University of Glamorgan, UK.
2005 – Humboldt-Stiftung Research Fellow (June-July)

Selected Publication:
Selected recent publications:
The Ukrainian Question. The Russian Empire and Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century. CEU Press. NY-Budapest, 2003.  295 p.
A.Miller, A.Rieber (eds.) “Imperial Rule”, CEU Press, 2004, including mine “The Empire and the Nation in the Imagination of Russian Nationalism”.
Between Local and Interimperial: Russian Imperial History in Search for Scope and Paradigm // Kritika, Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History. 2004 (1)
Die Erfindung der Konzepte Mittel- und Osteuropa. In: Kazer K., et al. (Hg) Europa und die Grenzen im Kopf. Klagenfurt/Celovec, 2003, s. 139-163.
In Russian:
1. А. И. Миллер. Украинский вопрос в политике властей и русском общественном мнении (вторая половина 19 в.) СПб, 2000. 276 c. (A. Miller. Imperial Authorities, Russian Public Opinion and Ukrainian Question (second half of the 19th century). SPb, Aletheia, 2000. (in Russian) 276 p.)
2. A.Miller, M.Dolbilov (50% participation each) – The Western Borderlands of the Russian Empire. (forthcoming, “Evropa” publishing house, Fall 2005, in Russian)
3. A.Miller. The Romanov Empire and Nationalism. (forthcoming in 2006 in NLO, Moscow)
Books edited.
1. А.И.Миллер.(ред.) Национализм и формирование наций. Теории-модели-концепции. М., 1994. 198 c. // A.Miller (ed) Nationalism and Nation-Formation. Theories - Models - Concepts. (in Russian)
2. Т.М.Исламов, A.И.Миллер (ред.) "Австро-Венгрия. Опыт многонационального государства" М., 1995. 232 c. // T.Islamov, A.Miller (eds) Austria-Hungary. Experience of the Multinational State. (in Russian)
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8. A.Miller, A.Rieber (eds.) “Imperial Rule”, CEU Press, 2004
9. Anthology “The Russian Empire in Foreign Historiography” (selection, editing of translations, introductions, together with P.Werth and P.Kabytov) –2005, Novoe Izdatelstvo (in Russian)