SUMMER SESSION, 2-18 July, 2007



July 2 (Monday)


Participants’ arrival to Lviv (hotel Dnister, Mateyka 6).

19:00               Welcome dinner (restaurant Staryi Tyflis, Pekarska 28).


July 3 (Tuesday)


10:30               Transfer to Slavske (bus departs from the hotel Dnister).

15:00               Lunch (thereafter – hotel Perlyna Karpat).

16:00               Opening session. Updates and announcements.

17:00               Meetings in Research Groups “Empires and Nations: Identities, Loyalties, Borders”; “History, Memory and Method”.

18:00               Meetings in Research Groups “Religion: Experience, Institutions, Culture”; “Time and Space in Urban Context”.

19:00               Dinner.


July 4 (Wednesday)


10:00               John-Paul Himka, What Kind of 'Memories' Appeared after 1989 and Why?

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Viktoria Sereda, History, Memory and Identity: Sociological Perspective.

18:00                           Natalia Dmytryshyn, Olga Linkiewicz, Take a Walk Down Memory Lane. Memoirs and Interviews as a Way of Revealing Past Experience.

19:00               Dinner.


July 5 (Thursday)


10:00               Maciej Janowski, Debates on Historical Memory in Contemporary Poland.

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Yuriy Zazulyak, Oral Memory, Land Disputes and Noble Community in Late

Medieval Galicia.

17:00               Yaroslav Hlystiuk, Lviv Greek Catholic Priest Seminary (1848-1914) in the

Memory of Galician Clergy.

18:00               Olena Panych, Constructing the Image of a Christian Martyr in the Memoirs of

the Evangelic Christian Baptists.

19:00               Dinner.


July 6 (Friday)


10:00               Alexey Miller, Dualism of Identities in Ukraine.

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Andriy Zayarnyuk, Culture, Difference and History (class 1).

18:00               Svitlana Khutka, Ideas of Social Time in Sociology of Alfred Schutz and Ethnic


19:00               Dinner.


July 7 (Saturday)


10:00               John-Paul Himka, East Central European Migration to North America.

13:00               Lunch.

15:00               Free time. Ivana Kupala Festivities.

19:00               Dinner.


July 8 (Sunday)


10:00               Free time.

13:00               Lunch.

15:00               Visualized Memories: Documentary Films from OSA (Maria Falina).

17:00               Meetings of Research Groups “Empires and Nations: Identities, Loyalties,

Borders”; “History, Memory and Method”.

18:00               Meetings of Research Groups “Religion: Experience, Institutions, Culture”;

“Time and Space in Urban Context”.

19:00               Dinner.


July 9 (Monday)


10:00               Yaroslav Hrytsak, Patterns and Ambivalence of Remembrance: post-Soviet

Ukrainein Comparative Perspective.

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Viktoria Sereda, Urban Landscapes and Local Memories.

18:00                           Oksana Mikheeva, Monument and Memory: Production of Spatial Practices in Donetsk.

19:00               Dinner.



July 10 (Tuesday)


10:00               Andriy Zayarnyuk, Culture, Difference and History (class 2).

13:00               Lunch.             

16:00               Tatyana Voronich, Urban Civilization: Problems and Perspectives of


17:00               Roman Kunytsky, History of Everyday Life (Lviv, 1890-1914).

18:00               Maria Mayerchyk, From Mono – to Multi-Dimensional Femininity:

Contemporary Gender Identities in Ukraine.

19:00               Dinner.


July 11 (Wednesday)


10:00              Yaroslav Hrytsak, Nomen est Omen: Towards Construction of Historical


13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Maria Falina, Nationalization of Religion, Sacralization of Nation in the Interwar

Period in East Central Europe.

17:00               Michal Moch, Nations, Nationalism and Politicization of Religions in South-

Eastern Europe and the Middle East between 19th and 21st Centuries.

18:00               Discussion on First Feedback.

19:00               Dinner.



July 12 (Thursday)


10:00               Maciej Janowski, Individual Poles and Their Collectivistic Ideologies.

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Ostap Sereda, Inventing National Tradition: Cossackophilism in 19th-Century

Austrian Galicia.

18:00               Individual Consultations.

19:00               Dinner.


July 13 (Friday)


10:00              Roundtable “Politics of Memory in Contemporary Ukraine”.

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Maciej Janowski, German Discussions about the Nature of History in the 19th


18:00               Angela Lisnic, Historical Time and Mentality Types: Methodological Problems.

19:00               Dinner.


July 14 (Saturday)


10:00               Alexey Miller, Projects for Nation-Building in Contemporary Russia.

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Victor Taki, Between the First and the Third Worlds: Colonial Aspects in Russian History.

17:00               Elena Matusevich, Belarus as a Borderland.

18:00               Andrei Cusco, (Re)Inscribing Bessarabia into the Soviet Space: Imperial and

Soviet Rituals and Discourses of Symbolic Inclusion.

19:00               Dinner.


July 15 (Sunday)


Fieldwork: Tracing Local Places of Memory (Skeli Dovbusha)


July 16 (Monday)


10:00               John-Paul Himka, Alexei Miller, Jews under Russian and Austrian Empires.

13:00               Lunch.

16:00               Ostap Sereda, Imperial and National Cultural Politics: Opera Theaters in 19th-

Century Kyiv .

18:00               Polina Barvinska, National Minorities under the Changing Political Regimes.

19:00               Dinner.


July 17 (Tuesday)


10:00               Final Feedback and Future Planning with Project Faculty and Participants.

12:00               Lunch.

13:00               Transfer to Lviv.

19:00               Farewell Dinner (Khmilnyi Dim Roberta Domsa, Kleparivska 18).


July 18 (Wednesday)



Date: 2007-10-24