Summer Session 2007


2-18 July, 2007

Slavske, Ukraine


“Memory, History and Today” and “From Multicultural Past to Mono-Cultural Present?” are the themes that continue larger theoretical issues which were discussed during the first year narrowing them down to more manageable, tangible and highly relevant for academic practice, region’s concerns and contemporary world in general.



John-Paul Himka

Yaroslav Hrytsak

Maciej Janowski

Alexey Miller

Ostap Sereda

Viktoria Sereda

Andriy Zayarnyuk



Modules provided on this session will include:


John-Paul Himka:

1) What Kind of 'Memories' Appeared after 1989 and Why?

2) East Central European Migration to North America

3) Jews under Russian and Austrian Empires (together with Prof Miller)


Yaroslav Hrytsak:

1) Patterns and Ambivalence of Remembrance in Eastern and Central Europe: Comparing Two Fin-De-Siecle Epochs.

2) History of Naming


Maciej Janowski



Alexei Miller

1) Dualism of identities in Ukraine

2) Projects for nation-building in contemporary Russia

3) Jews under Russian and Austrian Empires (together with Prof Himka)


Ostap Sereda

1) Inventing National Tradition: Cossackophilism in 19th-century Ukraine.

2) Modern Culture between Imperial and Nationalist Epochs : Opera Theaters in 19th-Century Kiev.


Viktoria Sereda

1) History, Memory and Identity

2) Urban Landscapes and Local Memories


Andriy Zayarnyuk

Cultural Difference, Genuine Plurality and Political Hegemony: Historian’s Observations on Concepts’ Applicability.

In a series of classes (including mini-lectures, seminars and workshop-like activities) the participants will work through the cases from region’s modern history and analyze practices as well as representations of talking and moving across the cultural boundary. Sub-themes include:

-          “peasants” and “society”

-          “ethnic” and “national” difference

-          construction and workings of “culture”.


Participants’ presentations:


Polina Barvinska

National Minorities under changing political regimes: Germans in Odesa


Andrey Cusco

(Re)Inscribing Bessarabia into the "Russian Space:" Imperial and Soviet Rituals and Discourses of Symbolic Inclusion


Natalia Dmytryshyn, Oksana Kis’, Olga Linkiewicz

Take a walk down memory lane. Memoirs and interviews as a way of revealing the past experience


Maria Falina

(Re)interpreting religious thought in contemporary Serbia


Mariya Mayerchyk

From mono – to multi-dimensional femininity: contemporary gender identities in Ukraine


Oksana Mikheeva

Monument in temporal and spatial dimensions of a city


Michal Moch    

Nations, Nationalism and Politicization of Religions in South-Eastern Europe and the Middle East


Olena Panych

Positivism, Memory and History


Tataynushka Voronich

Urban Civilization: problems and perspectives of development


Roundtables (O.Sereda, A.Zayarnyuk):


-          Contested Historical Memories in Nowadays Ukraine

-          Analysing Social Space: Alternative Approaches

-          Multiculturalism: Policy, Reality, Dream



- Visualized Memories: documentary films from OSA (M.Falina)


Site-visits/Fieldwork (O.Sereda):

- Tracing Local Places of Memory (Makivka, Urych, Skeli Dovbusha)

Date: 2007-10-24
Michal Moch on Nations, Nationalism and Politicization of Religions in SEEurope and the Middle EastMariya Mayerchyk on Contemporary Gender Identities in UkraineOksana Mikheeva on Monuments in Temporal and Spatial Dimensions of a City
Andriy Zayarnyuk and Maciej JanowskiYaroslav HrytsakVictoria Sereda