CfP: Aestheticization of Public Space
Call for papersInternational Conference Sofia – Bucarest – Paris  20th April – 22th April – 6th June 2013

Aestheticization of Public Space

This conference is organized in  several pre-planned sessions, devoted to the multiaspect topic of public space being considered both as a specific space of urban forms, accessible to the public (public space), the space of urbanism, as well as a virtual dialogue space (public sphere) including the public debate analysed by specialists in political sciences and as a cyberspace in case of extending this space of public debate.

“Aesthetic” means reflections acting on practices and artistic productions in the city and also the analysis of aesthetic experience and sensitive (aesthesis) of inhabitants. The notion of “aestheticization of public space”
reflects a series of phenomena linked with the growing importance of aesthetics in the public space: increasing interventions of artists (urban art,street art, public orders, etc.) in urban public spaces, convening of sensitive in the urban production, development of “aesthetic” mobilizations.

There will be three sessions during the first semester of 2013, then two more in the second semester, in Slovakia and in France.

1. Aestheticization of public space: issues, actors, perspectives
2. Aestheticization of public space and decisive moment of metropolitan cultural issues
3. Borders & aestheticization of public space

Proposals for papers (title, abstract, profile or the author) should be sent before February 28, 2013
- For the first session to Ivaylo Ditchev ( and Gilles Rouet, (
- For the second session to Emilian M. Dobrescu ( and Gilles Rouet (
- For the third session to François Soulages ( and Gilles Rouet

Accepted contributors will be required to send their text before June 10, 2012, for a publication in Local & Global, directed by Gilles Rouet and François Soulages, L’Harmattan Editor, Paris.

Proposals for papers (title, abstract, profile or the author) should be sent before February 28, 2013
Date: 2013-01-25