International Conference “Film and Cultures of Memory”
International Conference “Film and Cultures of Memory”

Saarland University
Petro Mohyla Black Sea University
October 5, 2012

Film has a strong impact on the ways we imagine, think about and give
meaning to the past. It therefore plays an important role for the
construction of cultural and historical memories. The visual images
and modes of presenting events of the past (whether individual or
collective) are deeply inscribed in the consciousness of the
contemporary societies. They form, determine or even impose models of
interpreting the past. The study of the medium film as a key element
of politics and narratives of memory can be especially productive in
cases where different cultural traditions meet or are even in
opposition or in conflict. The conference therefore does not only
welcome contributions on the role of film for processes of
nation-building and the narration of identities, but focuses also on
cases of films that challenge dominant representations of the past,
counter-memories or testimonies of intercultural memories.

The main objective of the conference is to bring together experts
working in the field of film studies of different countries, such as
France, Germany, Spain, Cuba, the USA, Russia, and Ukraine in order to
discuss the relation between film and memory in an interdisciplinary
and intercultural perspective. Furthermore, the conference aims at
developing an interdisciplinary multilingual research project to
define the main strategies used in the medium film to organize the
collective and individual memory.

Special attention will be given to presentations (case studies or
overviews) on the following research areas:

1) Types of memory represented in the film (cultural, political,
historical, personal, national, etc.);

2) The relation between memory, culture and identity, especially
regarding gender, nation and ethnicity;

3) Strategies of visualization and narration in the context of cultural memory;

4) Film genres and their adaptations, which are traditionally
associated with memory.

The conference is the first step in cooperation under “The Cooperation
with the East” umbrella between scholars of the University of
Saarlandes, Petro Mohyla Black Sea University.

The working language of the conference is English. The duration of
presentations is 30 minutes.

Please, send the title and summary of your presentation to the email
address until August 31, 2012.

Contact information: Oleksandr Pronkevych; email address is; cell-phone 380679451034.
Date: 2012-08-20