CfA: Kluge Fellowships
Kluge Fellowships

   Research in the humanities and social sciences, especially
interdisciplinary, cross-cultural or multilingual
   Open to scholars worldwide with a Ph.D. or other terminal advanced
degree conferred within seven years of the July 15 deadline
   Stipend: $4,200 per month (up to 12 months)

The Library of Congress invites qualified scholars to conduct research
in the John W. Kluge Center using the Library of Congress collections
and resources for a period of up to eleven months. Established in 2000
through an endowment of $60 million from John W. Kluge, the Center is
located in the splendid Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.
The Kluge Center furnishes attractive work and discussion space for
Kluge Chair holders, for distinguished visiting scholars, and for
post-doctoral Fellows supported by other private foundation gifts.
Residents have easy access to the Library's specialized staff and to
the intellectual community of Washington.

The Kluge Center especially encourages humanistic and social science
research that makes use of the Library's large and varied collections.
Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, or multi-lingual research is
particularly welcome. Among the collections available to researchers
are the world's largest law library and outstanding multi-lingual
collections of books and periodicals. Deep special collections of
manuscripts, maps, music, films, recorded sound, prints and
photographs are also available. Further information about the
Library's collections can be found on the Library's website:
Applicant Eligibility

Scholars who have received a terminal advanced degree within the past
seven years in the humanities, social sciences or in a professional
field such as architecture or law are eligible. Exceptions may be made
for individuals without continuous academic careers. Applicants may be
U.S. citizens or foreign nationals. Upon selection, and in accordance
with relevant visa regulations, foreign nationals will be assisted in
obtaining the appropriate visa. To meet the minimum eligibility
requirements, the degree must be formally awarded by the deadline
Tenure & Stipend

Fellowships are tenable for periods from six to eleven months at a
stipend of $4,200 per month for residential research at the Library of
Congress. The constraints of space and the desirability of
accommodating the maximum number of Fellows may lead to an offer of
fewer months than originally requested. Fellows may be in residence at
any time during the fourteen-month window between June 1 of the year
in which the Fellowship is awarded and August 1 of the year following.
Stipends will be paid monthly by the Library of Congress, by means of
electronic transfer to a U.S. bank account.

All application materials must be written in English. Please submit an
original (signed) and six copies of your full application. The
Fellowship application requires a research proposal (no longer than
three single-spaced pages); a bibliography of basic sources; a one
paragraph project summary; a two-page curriculum vitae which should
indicate major prior scholarship; and three letters of reference (in
English) from people who have read the project proposal and know the
quality of the applicant's scholarship. Do not use any staples for the
mailed application materials, use paper clips instead. In the research
proposal, applicants should indicate the collections of the Library of
Congress that will be used for research.

Due Date

Applications must be post-marked by July 15.
Language Certification

For applicants whose native language is not English, there must be
evidence that the applicant is fluent in English so as easily to
conduct research, discuss work with colleagues, and make a public
presentation, although the ultimate product of the research may be
written in the applicant's native language. For English speakers who
seek to do research in the Library's foreign language collections,
there must be evidence that they have a command of the relevant
language or languages at the level requisite for serious research.

Kluge Fellows will give one public presentation of their research and
provide a final report on their research and its results. Two copies
of any ultimate product of this research (book, article, film,
website, etc.) should be sent to the Library of Congress. Kluge
Fellows will also have opportunities to meet with Library specialists
and curators, and on occasion with Members of Congress and
Congressional staff.

Up to twelve Kluge Fellowships will be awarded annually by the Library
of Congress. Awards will be announced about April 1of the year
following that in which the application is due. For overseas Fellows,
award letters will address visa questions and include a form which
must be filled out and submitted to the Library of Congress to
determine tax residency status and the potential for U.S. Federal
income tax withholding. Scholars who are not U.S. citizens or
permanent residents and who do not already have a U.S. Social Security
number will be required to obtain either a Social Security or tax
identification number, as appropriate, at the start of their
fellowship at the Library, regardless of the taxability of their
income under this program or exemption under a treaty with the United
States. Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of each
Fellow. Housing is not provided by the Library of Congress. The
Library of Congress does not supply health insurance coverage but can
provide contacts with commercial providers. Because the United States
does not have a national health plan, if a selectee becomes ill or
injured during the term of appointment, there is no provision for
Contact Information

Completed Applications, questions, and other requests for information
should be sent to:

       Kluge Fellowships, Office of Scholarly Programs
       Library of Congress, LJ 120
       101 Independence Avenue, SE
       Washington, DC 20540-4860
       tel. 202-707-3302 fax 202-707-3595
Date: 2012-06-19