CEU Scholarships for Religious Studies Specialization
Scholarships for Religious Studies Specialization

The Specialization Religious Studies at Central European University
Budapest (CEU) offers scholarship for one year and two-year MA programs.
This track is available for students pursuing an MA degree from either
the Department of History or the Department of Medieval Studies.

CEU is the only international English-language graduate school in
Europe that is accredited both in Europe (Hungary) and in the United

As CEU is located in a region that has been the crossroads of major
religious, cultural, and political histories and lineages, this
specialist field provides a unique experience and access to sources in
three areas: in-depth engagement with religious thought and traditions,
focusing on the three monotheistic religions, in a historically and
conceptually grounded way, comparative study of their social, societal,
institutional, cultural, intellectual, and political contexts and

The affiliated Source Language Teaching unit offers courses in Arabic,
Hebrew, Persian, Ancient Greek, Latin, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian,
Russian, Syriac, and Turkish.

In the past, our students have been successful in receiving prestigious
international scholarships and in entering challenging professional

Additional Scholarships: Regardless to whether you apply to History or
Medieval Studies, please be sure to indicate clearly on your application
that you are applying also for the Specialization Religious Studies as
there is additional funding available which you may be eligible for.

Deadline: January 25, 2012.

For more information, please contact:

Religious Studies Program
c/o Esther Holbrook
Central European University (CEU)
Nádor u. 9
H–1051 Budapest
Telephone :+36.1/327-3000 ex 2170
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Date: 2011-11-16