CfP: Neo-Anti-Colonialism vs. Neo-Imperialism: Relevance of Postcolonialism in Post-Soviet Space
The Kowalsky Eastern Ukrainian Institute (Kharkiv, Ukraine) invites you to take part in the publishing project “Neo-Anti-Colonialism vs. Neo-Imperialism  Relevance of Postcolonialism in Post-Soviet Space”, devoted to the discussion of anti-colonial, postcolonial, colonial, and imperial discourses in Eastern and Central Europe, and Eurasia.


The outcome of the project will be a publication of a special issue of the interdisciplinary scholarly journal “East/West” by the end of 2012. The editorial board is seeking contributions related to the following issues:


“communication vessels”: relationships between (former) metropolis and (former) colonies;

compensatory policy: a “privilege” of being traumatized and a tendency towards compensation;

problem of responsibility in postcolonial societies: elites, provincialism, xenophobia;

actualization of “protective nationalism” as a response to the external aggression and the new wave of colonization;

challenges of the cultural policy development (language, publishing, education, re-writing schoolbooks, mass media etc.);

issues of generation gap: generations born in the USSR versus those born in the post-Soviet states (Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belarus etc.);

postcolonial interpretation of relevant historical events, literary texts, movies, museum exhibitions etc. is also accepted.


In the selection of materials, the preference will be given to the texts related to the regions of Eastern and Central Europe, and Eurasia.


We will accept scholarly articles, essays, and reviews of no more than 40,000 characters written in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English or German together with a brief summary (abstract).


The materials are to be sent to:


Associate Editor: Dr. Gelinada Grinchenko:

Invited Editor: Dr. Tetyana Dzyadevych:


“East – West” Journal,

The Kowalsky Eastern Ukrainian Institute,

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, 6 Svobody Square,

aud. 486, Kharkiv, 61077 Ukraine.

Phone number: +38 057 705 26 30



We would ask you to inform us of your intention to take part in the project, and to briefly describe the theme of your contribution by January 10, 2012.

The final date for submitting materials to the editorial board is July 1, 2012.
Date: 2011-10-19