Call for Papers: Social Roles and Nationalities in Interwar Poland
Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
Social Roles and Nationalities in Interwar Poland
Call for Papers
Conference 26–27 of January 2012
We invite proposals for papers for the conference “Social Roles and
Nationalities in Interwar Poland” in the framework of a research project
“Society of the Second Polish Republic”. The conference will be held in
Warsaw, January 26–27 2012, in the Institute of History, Polish Academy
of Sciences, Warsaw.

This two-day conference deals with the relations between nationality
and social roles described and explained in the context of various changes of the social life patterns, redefining the interwar society. The conference
aims to present fresh perspectives to the national issues of interwar Poland. Therefore, we welcome scholars working in history, anthropology,
sociology, literary studies and related disciplines. The organizers intend to publish selected papers in the volume concluding the whole project. The
publication will explore new interpretation of social phenomena of interwar Poland.

The panels seek to investigate the following topics:
1. National differentiation and social divisions.
2. Social roles and national identity.

During the first day of the conference (January, 26) scholars will explore the problem of national differences and their relation to the model
of social life. In particular, we invite papers that provide the general view on social and material stratification of various national groups, connected
with the issues of prestige, social hierarchy, exclusivity and exclusion. Scholars will discuss problems of various relations among national
consciousness, national and cultural identities and social roles referring to a particular group, status or occupation. Labels commonly used in the
spheres of national, cultural or religious identities (such as Pole, Jew, German, Ukrainian, Russian, catholic, evangelic, orthodox etc.)
simultaneously transmitted symbolic meanings, defining social inclusion and alienation.

During the second day of the conference (January, 27) scholars will present detailed case studies discussing the way nationalities and social
roles functioned in particular regions and local communities. We are particularly interested in contributions which analyze different practices of
everyday life, various nets of social interactions in the local environments defined by their ethnic diversity, different historical traditions and various
level of urbanization (a big city, a small town, villages in western, central Poland, in Galicia and on the eastern borderland).

International scholars are invited to give their papers in English. Proposals for papers should be made in the form of abstracts of 400–600 words.
Deadline for submission: 30 of November 2011
Please submit proposals as an e-mail attachment to either: dr. Olga Linkiewicz, e-mail:, or Kamil Kijek, e-mail:

Conference organizers will provide guests with the accommodation
at the Institute of History for the time of the conference.

Date: 2011-09-25
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Social Roles and Nationalities in Interwar Poland