“Political Communication in post-1945 State Socialism”
SFB 584 Workshop, Bielefeld University, October 7-8, 2011
Call for Papers Date: 2011-07-15
The workshop “Political Communication in post-1945 State Socialism“ at Bielefeld University, October 7-8, 2011, aims at a comparative analysis of the complex processes involving political communication between the socialist regimes of Eastern Europe and their respective populations.
An inquiry central to our approach is whether certain types of communication as well as media stabilized the regimes. Did political communication contribute to public tolerance, acceptance, or even legitimization of the regimes beyond their repressive elements? Did they create loyalty or other ties with and within society? In how far did the regimes succeed in establishing taboo topics as a measure of controlling communication? How was a phenomenon like the Czech “normalization” achieved from a communicative point of view? In how far can a diminishing effect of otherwise and hitherto stabilizing types of communication be observed in the course of the 1980s?

Dr. Kirsten Bönker
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Date: 2011-06-15