Title:2012 Winter Session. Circular Letter
Lviv, 22 November 2011
Dear Colleagues,

the dates (16-22 January), the place (Kyiv) and the main themes (“Cultural transfers, invention and reception”;Ego-documents, biography and individual”) of our next contact session are finalized, and now it is high time to concentrate on the preparations. We plan to upload on our web-site all topics, readings and other necessary texts by 19 December the latest, so we have now approximately one month to work more intensively on this.
First of all, we need to collaborate within our thematic groups:
1)      “Early modern cultural history” led by Yuriy Zazuliak (K.Dysa, A.Osipian, R.Paranko, L.Prisac, I.Sokolovskii, A.Tichomirow);
2)      “Urban cultural history” led by Ostap Sereda (O.Chepurnaya, A.Mazanik, A.Strelnikova, T.Voronich);
3)       “Cultural history of Soviet/socialist societies” led by Andriy Zayarnyuk (O.Chepurnaya, Y.Kysla, N.Laas, O.Mikheeva, I.Romanava, B.Shumylovych, A.Suvorova)
As we agreed in Slavske, each thematic group shall prepare one seminar (appr. two hours long) that would discuss its concept of the ‘mega-syllabus’ and, in particular, how the two main topics of the session (individual/ego-documents, and cultural transfer/reception) can be taught to the undergraduates (main conceptual frameworks, useful case studies, textual, visual and other resources etc). Let me remind you that we can use “Forum” section on our web-site in order to make communication more effective.
Second, we plan that every member of the project will make longer presentation (30 minutes presentation + 30 minutes of discussion) on her/his research topic during the two next (winter and summer) contact sessions (it is planned that the main themes of the next summer session will be “Reassessing Power, Resistance and Negotiation: Cultural Hegemony, Social Discipline, and Technologies of Power”; “Religious Identities and Confessionalization in Early Modern and Modern East-Central Europe”). Therefore, we expect that approximately 6 project members will have their presentations during the Kyiv winter session, and another 12 – during the next summer session. So, please, volunteer! And send us your additional draft text, or abstract or any related materials (but that also might be the same research text that you have sent us already) by mid-December.
And third, as it was the case in the summer session, all project participants will be asked to choose a topic among the seminars offered by the faculty members, which is closest to their teaching/research experience, and to prepare in advance some short contribution to the discussion (for example, it can be a list of useful bibliography for students or research-based case that can be used in teaching). We will have final list of seminars offered by 1 December.

So, let me summarize what is expected from project members and when:
 1)      a seminar prepared by each thematic group;
2)      possibly, longer presentation on individual research topic if it is related to the general themes of the next contact session;
3)      a contribution to at least one seminar prepared by a faculty member.
1 December – final confirmation of participation in the winter session; possible topic for longer presentation (if you decide to do it on this contact session); and any general suggestions shall be submitted.
19 December – all materials for uploading on the web-site shall be sent to the organizers; also information on travel arrangements (route, ticket costs) shall be finalized.

With wishes of productive collaboration,

Ostap Sereda


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