Title:2011 Summer Session. Circular Letter
Lviv, 14 June 2011  
Dear Colleagues,
our first July session is approaching, and there are only four weeks left for all the remaining preparations. I hope we will manage to organize an interesting and productive academic event to the benefit of all of us. Therefore, I am writing this first “circular” letter in order to inform you about the efforts we still can make in the remaining time.
You probably know the basic principles of the ReSET program. Here I would like to mention only three important points: 1) we do not meet at typical “summer school”, but at extended academic session that is part of a long-term project; 2) we all have academic positions, and thus we shall collaborate as academic peers; 3) we shall endeavor to “generate change in the undergraduate education on the regional level”, and although it might sound too ambitious, let’s try to focus on our theme and goals seriously. Furthermore, our project is not a regular ReSET seminar, but a “ReSET Challenges Project”, and therefore its success depends very much on the academic expertise and experience of its participants.  
Thus, I am asking you to prepare the following contribution to our session:  
1) there are 3 roundtables planned for the session: “Place and meaning of cultural history in the university curricula”; “Cultural history versus memory politics”; “Cultural history and post-modernism”. All project members have to sign for at least one of roundtables and to prepare an informal 5-10 minutes short talk with her/his reflections of the problem. One may also suggest some points to focus on and/or additional readings to be read by project members in order to prepare for the discussion;
2) our session will mostly consist of  about 10 seminars, this time prepared and conducted by our faculty members. Each seminar will take about 2,5 hours, so we shall have enough time for discussions and additional contributions of project participants. Please, let me know at which exactly seminar you would like to have your short contribution based on your research/teaching experience (up to10 minutes), or act as a discussant.  
3) there planned several meetings in smaller groups structured thematically. As I see now, we may have at least 3 such groups: a) early modern cultural history; b) urban cultural history; c) cultural history of the Soviet/socialist societies. Of course, it is just initial proposal, and we may organize them along different thematical lines at the session. Yet, please look at course syllabi and research papers of your colleagues before coming to the session in order to have an idea whom you might like to work closer with.
We can do all these preparations only with the help of our web-site ( Under the rubric “New Cultural History” you will find all the materials related to our project, and also please feel free to look at all the sections of this web-site that might be of interest to you. Due to copy-right-restrictions some of them are password-protected, therefore in the next letter you will be informed about your individual login and password. In particular, in the section “New cultural history/session materials” you will find information on all the roundtables and seminars together with scanned readings attached; in the section “New cultural history/working papers” you can find draft syllabi and research texts of your colleagues; in the section “New cultural history/people” you can find short CVs of all project members. Some roundtables/seminars are still in the process of preparation, but hopefully each will be equipped with all necessary materials soon.  
To sum up, please inform me before 26 June on your choice of roundtable and seminar (by writing to Please also share with me your comments, suggestions, criticisms etc in regard to the planning of our activities, and do not hesitate to ask questions.
Next circular letter will be concerned with main practicalities of our travel and stay in Lviv and in the Carpathians.  
With best regards, Ostap Sereda, project co-director

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