Title:New version of our web-site
On 10 June, 2011 Research Center "Borderland Society: Past and Present" launches this new version of the web-site that contains various academic materials of three former ReSET projects, "History of the Russian Empire: Beyond National and Regional Narratives" (2003-2006), "Rethinking Social Time and Space: Regional, National and (G)Local Paradigms in Teaching Eastern and Central Europe" (2006-2009), "Methodology of History" (2007-2009), and of the current one, "Towards a New Cultural History of Eastern and Central Europe. Critical Issues and Reappraisals" (2011-2013). We have also inherited library of the Megaproject "Empires: Comparative History" (from the former web-site:
In particular, our web-site hosts new course syllabi developed/revised in the course of these projects and research texts of former and current projects' participants. Some of these materials are intended to serve broader academic community, while some sections of the web-site are password-protected and intended for internal use of projects' participants only. We hope you will find new version of the web-site more useful and convenient than the old one, and that the web-site will become helpful academic resource for scholars of humanities and social sciences across the region.
The new version of the web-site might still need some corrections or improvements. Please notify us on any errors you find by writing to

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