Title:April Theses: last deadlines
Dear Friends,
I hope you are well and everything is fine around you. It is almost one month since we have met in Lviv, and it is high time to begin to work on our plans that we have discussed at the last session.
Let me remind you again about them (and inform those who were not present in Lviv):
1.  We need to elaborate a plan of our collective volume within the next two months. Therefore, I have asked you to send your possible topic with short (3-4 sentences) expose.
2. All your individual syllabi created/reworked within our ReSET project are to be finalized as well by 1 June. Therefore, I have asked you to send a syllabus (in English, and in a form that would allow our faculty members to read and evaluate it).
3. We still can buy some books – your suggestions are welcome.
4. Parts of collective megasyllabus shall be read and evaluated by faculty members as well – therefore, I also need to receive them.
I am sending this letter in order to inform you again about the deadlines. If you miss them, our project will result in failure.

Please, send us:
as soon as possible – reworked individual syllabi with suggestions of possible reader among the faculty members (you can choose among John-Paul Himka, Yaroslav Hrytsak, Maciej Janowski, Philipp Ther, Andriy Zayarnyuk, Yuriy Zazulyak, Ostap Sereda). I have asked some of project members to translate the syllabus into English and to rework its structure in order to make readable for our foreign faculty members. If you need an example please look at my syllabus “Cultural Politics and Contested identities”, which is uploaded on our web-site. If you fail to send the reworked syllabus by 1 May the latest we will not be able to give you a credit for the participation in the project;
as soon as possible – a list of books , which we still can purchase from our budget;
as soon as possible – a topic of your contribution to our collective volume with a short resume;
by 1 MAY - last versions of megasyllabus.  
Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
With best regards, Ostap Sereda

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