Title:2013 Spring Session.
Dates/ period: March 5-11, 2013
Location: Lviv, Ukraine
(hotel "George"; Center for Urban History of East Central Europe)  

Resource faculty:   
Yaroslav Hrytsak (core faculty)
Maciej Janowski (core faculty)
Ostap Sereda (core faculty)
Yuriy Zazulyak (core faculty)  
Jörn Rüsen (invited faculty)
Jutta Scherrer (invited faculty)
 Larry Wolff (invited faculty)  
See attached tentative schedule of activities  
 Learning from or about religion : Culture building of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russian schools   16:00               Coffee break   16:30               Larry Wolff, The Idea of Galicia   19:00               Dinner (Hotel “George”)     March 10 (Sunday)   10:00               Larry Wolff, The Mental Mapping of Eastern Europe   12:30               Lunch   14:00               Jörn Rüsen, Humanism – Western Traditions, Intercultural Dimensions, Future Perspectives, and the task of the Humanities   16:00               Coffee break   16:15               Discussion on Mega-syllabus.   17:30               Final Roundtable “Methods and Challenges in Teaching Cultural History: a History of National Culture vs New Cultural History” (how and to what extent the ReSET resources can be regarded as an alternative to the traditional history of national culture). Discussion on future collaboration within the group.   19:30               Dinner (restaurant “Kupol”, vul. Tchaikovsky str, 37)    March 11 (Monday)   Individual consultations and departures.

Added Files:
2013 Spring Session. Program