Title:2012 Summer Session. Circular Letter
Lviv, 4 July 2012  
Dear Colleagues,
there are less than two weeks left for all the remaining preparations to our next contact session. As we agreed earlier, this session will call attention to the uses and misuses of concepts and categories such as symbolic violence, cultural hegemony and resistance which point to the interrelation of culture and power in history. This discussion will be pursued further by focusing on the problem of confessionalization and the formation of confessional identities in East-Central Europe during early modern and modern times.
Please find attached the session program with tentative timetable. As you will see, the program is rather intensive and the success of our session will depend very much on the contribution of every project member.   First of all, please check regularly the section “New Cultural History - Session Materials,” as the last readings will be uploaded by the end of this week. Please also look at course syllabi and research papers of your colleagues before coming to the session, as we plan to discuss them during the meetings of thematic groups. And, the most important, please look at the respective part of our mega-syllabus and bring all related materials with you.  
Please, note that due to the intensity of our program, we have not reserved in the timetable separate time for longer (40-minutes) individual research presentations of our project members (unlike we did it in Kyiv). Instead, all project members will have an opportunity to present and discuss their research projects during the final (spring) 2013 session, a part of which is planned to be organized in a conference format. But you still can make shorter (10-15 minutes) presentation of a relevant case from your research or teaching experience during our roundtables and seminars.
Please, look at the program and inform us ASAP (by 10 July the latest) to which exactly roundtable or seminar you would like to contribute and, if possible, give us the topic (tentative) of your talk. All project members are to sign for at least one of roundtables and two of seminars. One may also suggest some points to focus on and/or additional readings to be read by project members in order to prepare for the discussion.
Please do not hesitate to share with us your comments, suggestions, criticisms etc in regard to the planning of our activities, and do not hesitate to ask any questions. Next circular letter will be concerned with main practicalities of our travel and stay in Lviv and in the Carpathians.
With best regards,  
ReSET team

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2012 Summer Session. Program