Title:Preparations for 2012 Summer Session (updated)
Dear Project Members,
this is to inform you that our application for the grant extension for 2012/13 academic year has been finally approved by the ReSET program. It means that within the remainig two months we have to engage into intensive preparations for the next summer session.
The dates of the next summer session are 14-28 July, 2012 (14 July – arrival in Lviv; 15 July – bus transfer to Slavske; 27 July – return to Lviv; 28 July – departures from Lviv). The dates of the session are finalized, so please reserve tickets and inform us about their price ASAP. Upon consideration, after taking into account several “pros” and “contras”, we have decided to come to the same place, “Alpiiskyi dvir”.  
As you know, general themes of the summer session will be the following:
“Reassessing Power, Resistance and Negotiation: Cultural Hegemony, Social Discipline, and Technologies of Power”;  
“Religious Identities and Confessionalization in Early Modern and Modern East-Central Europe”.  
Please, cofirm your participation in the session by 1 June the latest by writing to Please, feel free to contact us with any other suggestions/comments/requests regarding the preparations for the next session. Let us also remind you that we all have to engage into intensive collaborative work on respective parts of our mega-syllabus that shall be discussed in July.
With best wishes of successful summer in the Carpathians,
Project Organizing Team

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