Title:Student Initiatives 2012 - SEE
Higher Education Support Program
Student Initiatives 2012

The aim of the Student Initiatives is to empower students to address issues related to systemic change in higher education. Student Initiatives supports the involvement of students in the democratization of the educational process and in building issue-based transnational student alliances in South Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The International Higher Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations is pleased to invite project proposals within its Student Initiatives for new projects from students from the following Southeast European (SEE) university student communities: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia.

I.    Student Solidarity for Antidiscrimination and Access to Higher Education in SEE countries

We are inviting joint project proposals that would study the current practices of exclusion and advocate for the access to and inclusion in higher education of students on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion and sexual orientation.
We are looking for student organizations that are driven by the spirit of solidarity among various student groups to take a broad look at the practices of exclusion, discrimination, humiliation and hatred resulting in limiting particular student groups’ access to higher education and advocate for access and inclusion of excluded groups. We are particularly interested in receiving proposals that cover two or more dimensions of exclusion, stress on building solidarity among and with discriminated groups, and cover two or more SEE countries.

The project proposals should include developing a new/using an existing in-depth study of the current situation on the subject of the project and relevant advocacy and awareness building activities.

II.    Examination of Higher Education Reforms in SEE Europe and the Quality of Higher Education

We are inviting joint project proposals for cross-boarder initiatives by SEE student organizations from at least in two different SEE countries that will examine the implementation of the recent higher education reforms at the national and/or regional level and explore its potential and limitations for fostering higher education reforms in the SEE region from the students’ point of view.  
The projects should focus on problem areas which are connected to students’ needs and expectation; what exactly students perceive as the outcomes of the reform at the areas such as students’ freedom to choose, equal access, transparency, student mobility, student governance; student centered learning, etc.

The project proposals should include developing a new/using an existing in-depth study of the current situation on the subject of the project and relevant advocacy and awareness building activities.

III.    Students against Corruption

We are looking for small local student groups / organizations who are interested to examine the situation of corruption at the universities in their countries. We are interested to receive project proposals which focus on the examination of any of the following areas:
•    academic fraud at universities (e.g. cheating bribery, etc.)
•    finances (e.g. examination of the usage of tuition fees)
•    administrative services and practices (e.g. the purchasing of textbooks as a condition to take and exam, the examination of the enrollment process to student dorms, etc.)

The project proposals should include developing a new research of the current situation on the subject of the project and relevant advocacy and awareness building activities.
During the research part of the project students are strongly encouraged to use the First Aid Kit for Higher Education: A Know-How Guide for Student Research, which was prepared by the Anti-Corruption Student Network in SEE.
The Know-How Guide can be downloaded from:

All submitted project proposals must meet the following requirements:
•    initiated and implemented by undergraduate and graduate students;
•    submitted and implemented by existing student organizations.

The maximum length of a project is 12 months. Earliest possible project start: June, 2012.
The maximum amount of the budget request is $25,000 USD.
Project proposals and budgets may cover the preparation and actual running of the proposed activities. We are not able to support the purchasing of office equipment (computers, laptops, etc.), office space and equipment rental.

Applications must include:
•    Completed Information Sheet
•    Project Proposal (the detailed description of the project idea and the planned activities, the timeline of the project activities, expected outcomes of the project and the detailed budget of the project in USD or EUR)
•    CV of the project leader(s)

Applications should be submitted electronically as one PDF file to no later than 29 February, 2012.

Selection Procedure:
An International Expert Committee will perform the selection of the applications. The results of the selection will be announced in March 2012. (In cases where minor changes are needed, applicants may be asked to resubmit their project proposals.)

For additional information please contact:
Ms. Krisztina Szeberin
Program Officer
Higher Education Support Program
Open Society Institute-Budapest
Phone: (+36 1) 882-3850
Fax: (+36 1) 882-3112


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