Course name:Humanity in the Microscale, or Region within Region: Galicia in the Habsburg Monarchy
Course description:
  1. Regions, Big and Small: Why Do We Need Them?
  2. Unity above Conflicts: Modernisation and Public Sphere
  3. Unity through Conflicts: The Theatre of the Ethnic Conflict in Galicia and in Habsburg Monarchy
  4. Galicia within the Habsburg Сultural Realm
Course owner:Maciej Janowski
1. Regions, big and small: why do we need them?
Henryk Wereszycki, „Dzieje Galicji jako problem historyczny”, Niewygasіa przeszіoњж. Refleksje i polemiki, Krakуw 1987, 173-192.
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2. Unity above conflicts: Modernisation and public sphere.
Sіawomir Tokarski, Ethnic Conflict and Economic Development. Jews in Galician Agriculture
(fragment from the monograph)
S. Eisenstadt, „Multiple Modernities” (Daedalus 2000);
Harald Binder, „Perspektyvy doslidzhennia istorii partii v avstriiskii Halychyni”, Ukraina Moderna, vol 8.
3. Unity through conflicts: The theatre of the ethnic conflict in Galicia and in Habsburg Monarchy.
O. Subtelny, Ukraine. A History, Toronto 1988, Chapter 17: „Eastern Galicia”, p. 307-335
4. Galicia within the Habsburg cultural realm
Akos Moravanszky, „Magic Mountains” and Emil Brix, „Intellectuals and Vernacular Art.”, both in: J. Purchla (ed.), Vernacular Art In Central Europe, Cracow 2001, p. 27-46 and 47-56.
Maciej Janowski, „Three Historians”.
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