Course name:Borderlands Regions
Course description:
  1. Politics and History of Borderlands and Region
  2. Borderlands at War
  3. Borderland People
Course owner:Mark von Hagen
1: Politics and History of Borderlands and Region
Mark von Hagen, “Empires, Borderlands, and Diasporas: Eurasia as Anti-Paradigm for the Post-Soviet Era,” American Historical Review, April 2004, 445-468.
Mark von Hagen, “Does Ukraine Have a History?” Slavic Review, Vol. 54, No. 3. (Autumn, 1995), 658-673.
Mark von Hagen, “Revisiting the Histories of Ukraine” (manuscript)
Mark von Hagen, “Writing the History of Russia as Empire: The Perspective of Federalism” (manuscript)
Jane Burbank and Mark von Hagen, “Coming into the Territory: Uncertainty and Empire” (manuscript)
Mark von Hagen, “Federalisms and Pan-movements as Reformist Re-imaginings in and of the Russian Empire” (manuscript)
2: Borderlands at War
A. Iu. Bakhturina, Politika Rossiiskoi Imperii v Vostochnoi Galitsii v gody Pervoi mirovoi voiny (Moscow 2000)
Karel Berkhoff, Harvest of Despair: Life and Death in Ukraine under Nazi Rule, (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2004).
Mark von Hagen, “Occupations and Occupation Plans in Galicia and Ukraine, 1914-1918” (manuscript)
Mark von Hagen, “The First World War, 1914-1918,” (manuscript)

3: Borderland People


Mark von Hagen,“I Love Russia, and/but I Want Ukraine,” or How a Russian General Became Hetman of the Ukrainian State, 1917–1918,” manuscript.
Mark von Hagen, “A Socialist Army Officer Confronts War and Nationalist Politics: Konstantin Oberuchev in Revolutionary Kyiv,” manuscript