Course name:2008 Concepts of Orientalism and Occidentalism in Contemporary Social Sciences
Course description:
Key speakers and discussants:
Andrei Cusco
Natalia Kovalchuk
Michal Moch
Julia Snezhko
Andrzej Tichomirow

1. Do you use terms 'orientalism' and 'occidentalism' in your own teaching practice and your courses? (if you use, in what sense and what are the examples?)
2. Could we function in contemporary science without such media-popularized and widely known terms?; in other words: is the notion of "orientalism" worthy of its fame and critical acclaim?
3. Could you propose any other similar terminology instead of mentioned notions of 'orientalism' and 'occidentalism'?     
Course owner:Michal Moch
Edward Said, Orientalism, New York 1979, Vintage Books (1st edition)
Edward Said, Culture And Imperialism, New York 1994, Vintage Books
Maria Todorova, Imagining the Balkans, New York-Oxford 1997, University Press (especially Introduction: Balkanism And Orientalism: Are They Different Categories, pp. 3-21)
James Clifford,  The Predicament Of Culture : Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, And Art, 1988, Harvard University Press (chapter on Orientalism)
Ian Buruma, Avishai Margalit, Occidentalism : The West In The Eyes Of Its Enemies, New York 2004, Penguin Press  Occidentalism: Images of The West, ed. James G. Carrier, Oxford-New York 1995, University Press 

Added Files:
Maria Todorova. Imagining the Balkans
Michal Moch, Concepts of orientalism and occidentalism in contemporary social sciences – new meanings of traditional terms