Towards a New Cultural History of Eastern and Central Europe. Critical Issues and Reappraisals


DisciplineHistory, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology
ProjectProject Period June 2011 - May 2013
Region/countriesBelarus, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine
Hosting institutions Institute for Historical Research, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv Research Center 'Borderland Society: Past and Present'.

The main aim of the project is to discuss new teaching and research agendas in humanities and to introduce approaches that have been mostly developed within the field of cultural history into the university teaching. During the recent decades a new cultural history has developed as one of the most dynamic, interdisciplinary and innovative fields of historical studies. The project will help to redesign existing (“normative”) courses on cultural/historical anthropology, history of culture, sociology of culture and cultural studies, and to introduce new courses on cultural history in the undergraduate curricula in the region. The project shall produce the following main results: participants will design and introduce new courses; on-line resource center in the field of cultural history of the region will be developed; participants will be equipped with crucial resources (including syllabi, reading packets, books, digital materials, CDs, etc) to cover existing resource gaps at their institutions.